Tum pukar lo…

Tumhara intezar hai, tum pukar lo.. Everytime I listen to this song, I either end up with a few tears in my eyes or goosebumps. Hemant credit:DustedoffKumar weaves magic into the words that remind you of the genius that is Gulzar.

It’s been way too long since I last wrote here, which is why I wanted to write about something a little more special than usual and Khamoshi personifies special. And the funny thing is  this: Waheeda Rehman’s stellar performance couldn’t be more understated. Her silence speaks volumes – and it is this nuance that the director seems to have grasped perfectly well – that you don’t always need hard-hitting dialogues to make an impact or to convey an emotion. I can’t say the same for Rajesh Khanna’s acting; I thought it was a little OTT.

Waheeda seems especially adept at playing roles of an anguished woman of which Guide is another example. But I love her in this particular character the most. She never looked more alluring. Now imagine Jennifer Aniston playing this role in the English remake termed Silence (total lack of imagination, what?). I kid you not. I read here that a few years back, someone by the name of Sanjay Patel was hoping to rope in her and the likes of Keanu Reeves or Brad Pitt for the roles of Waheeda Rehman and the male leads.  And though I think Aniston is a fabulous actor, I simply don’t see her in this character. But it would be rather interesting to see the remake! However, I couldn’t find anymore about when the movie will be released or whether it has even gone on the floors.

What broke my heart apart from the story was that you see Dharmendra for all of five minutes in the film, which is like keeping a starved and thirsty-for-days horse near a basket full of sugar cubes and a river flowing with deliciously cold water. Yes, I am a sucker for black and white Dharam ji.
*Is staring into space when she suddenly checks herself*
But this post isn’t about me. 🙂 What I also found is that the film is based on a book called ‘Nurse Mitra’ written by Bengali writer Ashutosh Mukherjee.

That’s about as much as I have for you this time. Apologies, since most of it is being taken by failed attempts to roll out flat and round rotis in the kitchen and other jobs! But I will be back. Soon! 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Tum pukar lo…

  1. Even the 5 mins of Dharam was a bonus (some of it as I remember was in silhoutte) – coz before the execrable Rajput – Khamoshi was the only movie in which the reigning stars Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra appeared together!
    Saw Dharmendra in Yamla paglaa deewana – he still has that mischiveous twinkle in this eye. Rajesh unfortunately has not aged as well!

    Hemanto’s voice is one to loose yourself in!

    • Hi Pritam, thanks for visiting again!
      I think if Dharmendra had appeared in the film, he would have totally stolen Rajesh Khanna’s thunder, at least for me. Not because he is better looking, but because his character also doesn’t speak at all. And you are right, he hasn’t lost any of his charm!

      • Dharmendra did disguise his voice when Waheeda Rehman is reading out his letter. One couldn’t make out that it was really him.

  2. I rewatched Khamoshi a few years ago, after having first watched it as a child – and was very surprised to discover that Dharmendra actually has only a guest appearance (and, that too, you never really see him full face – just part profile). Somehow this song had so much of an impact on me, I’d gone through all my teen years and later thinking Dharmendra had a major role!

    • That’s the beauty and genius of it i think – and kudos to the director for making an impact by keeping him in the shadows. It’s odd but the things we don’t get to see make more of an impact than those we do 🙂 And he hit that right on the nail with Dharmendra in Khamoshi.
      And the song, oh my goodness. *speechless*

    • Surprising no?

      Dharmendra was the lead in so many movies where he didn’t have to lip sync at all. “Anpadh”, “Shaadi”, (both 1962), “Bandini”, “Begaana” (both 1963), “Haqeeqat” (1964), , “Phool Aur Patthar” (1966), etc.

      In this movie, he does a cameo and he gets a song. Can’t make out he’s lip synching though even in this movie.

  3. I love this song…. Haunting melody and Hemant da at his very best! Used to be my caller tune for a very long tune :). You may remember that Neha!! Good to see you back! Hope to see more stuff and more often.

  4. Oh, I love this song so much!!
    But I find the original Bengali version (Deep Jweley Jei) much more interesting than Khamoshi. For me, Suchitra sen scores over Waheeda Rehman any day though Khamoshi has Dharmendra. 🙂
    Interestingly, Hemant Kumar was the music director for both the films.

    • Hey Punya! I read about the bengali version and I have been meaning to listen to it. If I see the Bengali film, I will be able to tell you if Suchitra Sen is better for me too, but as far as Dharmendra is concerned, it’s 1-0 for me 😛 Thanks for the Hemant tidbit! Didn’t know that!

      • Talking about Hemant Da’s music direction – Though he has churned out some absolute gems, apparently the producers were not confident of Hemant da himself rendering his tunes. They felt that it would have adverse impact on cassette sales – Hence you see Hemant Da singing only singing less songs (his own). Even in this film, he got to sing only this, Manna Dey and Kishore rendered the other songs.

  5. Tum Pukaar Lo .. a quintessential oxymoron for Khamoshi!
    But then the way Hemant Kumar has composed and rendered ‘tumhara intzaar hai’ so emotionally epitomizes the pathos of solitude!
    Indeed, a landmark movie – even in a long such list f- for Waheeda

    • ‘Tumhara intezaar hai’ – it blows your mind away doesn’t it? 🙂 Full of sorrow yet hope, and the longing.. it would render anyone speechless, pun intended.
      Thank you for your comment Ashok. Keep reading 🙂

  6. The beauty of Asit Sen’s direction is that Dharmendra is there throughout the movie even though is seen for only five minutes. But you are right, its a grave injustice for all his fans.

    It took 13 more years for Dharmendra and Rajesh Khanna to appear in one frame – Rajput (1982). Two years later, they were both cast again in “Dharam Aur Kanoon”. That was their last movie together.

  7. Hi Neha, I dropped by thanks to dustedoff’s latest post, she gave a link to your blog. I was intrigued to learn from Madhu’s post that you are keen on trivia. So here is a bit of trivia that is bound to interest you. Hemant Kumar who was the producer of Khamoshi had been meaning to remake the Bengali film into Hindi for many years. Waheeda Rehaman had seen the Suchira Sen starrer and it seems had requested Hemant Kumar to consider her for the film, this is what I had heard.
    Another bit of trivia, Dharmendra’s role in the Bengali version was played by the director Asit Sen himself, check out this Bengali version Of Tum Pukaar Lo and you will get a glimpse of Asit Sen at approx 1.17 onwards.

    • Hi Shilpi! Thank you SO much for dropping in here, it means a LOT. 🙂 And I didn’t know Waheeda stepped in to suggest herself for the role! I am watching the video right now for Asit Sen, thank you again, and keep reading. 😀

  8. Neha, hey, you just got married, yaar. You shouldn’t be singing such hauntingly sad songs. Couldn’t think of a peppy number? 🙂 The songs is so beautiful though I cannot bear to see the film again – it makes me feel so depressed. Waheeda was brilliant! it was her movie through and through.

    • Hehehehe@Anu
      This song is not reflective of my married life (I sure hope it doesn’t seem that way :P) Its just that I have been meaning to write about this film for so long and I KNEW for a fact that everyone else loves it too, though it is, as you say, depressing. I promise to find a peppier number for my next post! 🙂

  9. Welcome back, Neha. How’s married life? Making roti’s – gol and flat 😀 ?
    I too came here from DO’s since I hadn’t seen any thing here for some time.
    Really, imagine Jennifer in Waheeda’s role.
    Nurse Mitra sounds apt.

    • Just realised I forgot to comment on the beautiful song, though most of what I would have said has already been written.
      The song is so…Hemant Kumar. I can’t imagine it in any other voice. It brings out the tune and the depth of the words.
      I like his voice very much.

      • Hi P! Welcome back 🙂
        Married life – i don’t feel married yet! I don’t know if that’s good or bad – hahah and rotis, well they are flat-ish but round? Nah! I make various shapes to keep the fun factor high 😛
        And you are right – it’s difficult to imagine anyone else singing this song – even Kishore/Rafi.

  10. Waheeda..climbing stairs..her hair style different than her usual…I think she hasnt looked so pretty in any other of her films..and the book in her hand..Meghdoot…so meaningful…yes..Khamoshi was great…and one of very few films where I Like Rajesh Khanna…and this song…wo shaam kuch ajeeb thi..howrah bridge in the background…evokes memories of my calcutta days..

  11. Hi Neha, Just wanted to let you know that my next set of songs are up for grabs on you tube. Click on my name to view one of those. This is for Great Indian Talent singing competition.

  12. Yes, I rcently watched Khamoshi, thinking I would love watching Waheeda Rehman in one of her starlit roles…! But I was sadly disappointed, perhaps because I have watched too many (good) mental institution films, and that the medical dimension of Khamoshi is really bungled, so much so that it casts an amateurish pall over all the movie. I loved the Dharmendra song, of course, and there are other little gems in the film, but all in all, it was a letdown.

    • Oh, really? Shucks that’s too bad! 😦 I really love her performance, but each to his own, eh? 🙂 Maybe there are other better ones out there.

  13. True! The song is absolutely mesmerising. It will I spite and shake many in the years to come. I’m a personal fan and glad that I could come across a review which was posted 7yrs back, seeing kust now! Much to fill the craving. Respects and regards

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