My article on Manna Dey

I am sorry, this is not one of my regular posts; instead I decided to post a link to my article published in a magazine. It’s on Manna Dey – he celebrated is 92nd birthday in May. Give it a read and let me know what you think! – Page 15!

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13 thoughts on “My article on Manna Dey

  1. Nice read, Neha.

    Manna Dey did sing a lot of ongs for character actors rather than heros. Mehmood had quite few songs picturized on him.
    His song set to classical tunes were superb. I love his ‘laaga chunari mein daag..’ from Dil Hi To Hai, and who can forget his ‘dharti kahe pukar ke’ from Do Beegha Zameen.

  2. Manna Dey might be 92 today but his songs will last in our memories forever. Like they say ‘old id gold’ and his songs made us cry, laugh and be happy. Songs are such a soulful element in ones life that no matter what your mood might be, they can sway them around. I love listening to old numbers. I was surfing the net when I came across this link: This is a song by a young girl, singing songs and dedicating them to her mother. The way she sings them makes them stand out in the crowd. Do listen to her and get back with your thoughts.

      • It was something about how Mannada didn’t want to lose to Kishore Kumar in a Padosan song. Anyways, it was way too lengthy for me to remember and retype it 🙂

        Glad to see you back. How’s life treating you?

      • Hahaa, thanks for writing in again anyhow! Life’s good thank you! Am writing regularly now, so super happy!

    • Hi Thank you for your comment! I listened to the link you posted, and it sounds like trademark Manna 🙂 There are too many favourites for me so I can’t single one out! 🙂

  3. Nice to see you back, Neha. 🙂 And good to see an article on Manna Dey. One of my favourite singers – he never did seem to get his due, no? I love Laaga chunri mein daag, Poocho na kaise yeh and of course, Aye mere zohra jabeen is a perpetual favourite. Thanks for bringing back memories.

    • Hi Anu, thanks for reading it! I hope you liked it. It was an earnest effort from my side and a very humbling experience to get to know more about him. And yes, I don’t think he ever really got his due, but maybe that has been compensated by how much people seem to love him 🙂

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