B’wood Voices & Faces – One face, too many voices?

So recently, I wrote another article on actors and their many voices. While the golden years saw many actors choosing their preferred playback singers (not all, some) like Shammi-Rafi, Raj Kapoor-Mukesh and Rajesh Khanna-Kishore, today is somewhat different. With a plethora of new singers it’s ‘no more one man one voice’ but ‘one man any voice’. I am all for a good change and experimentation but what’s the flipside? 

Do read my article here. It’s on page 42. Let me know what you think!




Horror films in India – boo! or boo hoo?

Hello everyone! For the longest time, it has been my dream to publish an article in Times Crest and that finally came true yesterday! The feature is about the horror genre in India and I would love for you to read it and give me any feedback or comments that you may have!


That’s the link, do tell me if you liked it!