Stumbled upon a really nice article about Guru Dutt

(An excerpt from the article)

TWO years ago, Guru Dutt’s second son, Arun, told me that he had in his possession thirty-seven letters that his father had written: thirty-three letters to his mother Geeta Dutt and four to him and elder brother Tarun. Following Guru Dutt’s tragic suicide in 1964, Geeta Dutt had preserved each of her husband’s letters, locking them away among her prized possessions. Arun does not remember seeing his mother re-reading them but he knew they meant the world to her. When Geeta Dutt died in 1972, Tarun took responsibility for the family’s personal possessions. Besides the many things collected in the course of two lifetimes were Guru Dutt’s passport, a pair of reading glasses, an old worn leather wallet and his letters to his wife.

Read it here:


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4 thoughts on “Stumbled upon a really nice article about Guru Dutt

  1. Thanks Neha, you’re right, it is a very thought-provoking article, giving some melancholic details about Guru Dutt’s professional and love life, some of which apparently came from a form of jealousy concerning Raj Kapoor’s celebrity, a thing I didn’t know.

    • You are welcome Yves! I only wish I could find some more articles such as this. By the way, I am taking French classes so.. merci beaucoup pour votre visite a mon blog! (That may be wrong!)

      • Well done! I suppose you would say something like:
        “Merci beaucoup pour votre/ta visite sur mon blog” or even “…d’être passé voir mon blog”
        Keep it up!
        (I’m learning hindi.but am not sure how I would say that in hindi!! Would you say “visit” for visit? Bohut shukriya tumhare /apke visit mera blog par???)

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