Madhuban mein radhika naache re!

Few other films or songs saw Dilip Kumar depicting a personality so unlike what he was usually known for – the tragedy king. Kohinoor can well be called a fairy tale with all the masala and pizzazz of a prince-loves-princess-evil villain-who-wants-princess and throne formula. But it was also instrumental in converting Meena Kumari, who was seen more in sobbing/tortured soul/unhappy for eternity/quiet roles, into a lovable, chirpy princess.

Wikepedia says Dilip Kumar’s psychiatrist advised him to perform lighter roles to bring him back from the brink of utter depression that came from his earlier emotionally demanding roles. Phew.

I do have a question about the song: Who sang for Mukri?

Moving on, the sitar: Yes, Dilip Kumar played it! How impressive is that? Not much, compared to the next bit I am about to tell you
about! See the screenshots on the left? Got it from this ( blog – it is a mongoose. Who wants horses and elephants when you can get a mongoose? And a pet on a leash that saves your life by killing a snake that’s let loose on you by the bad guys? I’d say the mongoose had a big hand in making this film a hit.

I know this is cheap but I wrote this post only for the mongoose. There’s not much other trivia I can give you this time! Hope you were surprised enough 😛