My article in OPEN magazine!

Hi everyone! Yes, I have been so awfully irregular I should be punished! πŸ˜› But I do have something here that I’d love for you all to read and comment on. It’s an article I wrote on Rajesh Khanna’s “other voices” like Manna Dey, Mukesh, etc.

My next post is going to be about a Rajesh Khanna film too and I promise it will be here in the next few days so stick around!

Here’s the link:Β

Do give it a read and let me know what you thought, suggestions, criticisms everything is welcome!


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6 thoughts on “My article in OPEN magazine!

  1. hi – I did read that article in Open and wondered at the time when you would mention about the Kaka’s fimls in your blog!! I remember thinking it odd that 2 different singers were used on Rajesh Khanna in Kati Patang. But another movie where 2 singers were used in Haathi Mera Saathi – where Rafi sang the last song (after the elephant dies) – I remember bawling when I saw the movie as a kid and song still makes me teary eyed. I saw the clip yesterday – there is so much wrong (fashion, shot taking, stock photography etc) in the clip but the emotion gets through and of course Rajesh Khanna could emote like no one else could.

    Maybe you should do a list of best songs of wonderful actors like Rajesh Khanna and Shammi Kapoor.

    • Hello Pritam! Thank you for reading it, to begin with! And you are right it is strange that they would think of using two singers in the same film! *Didn’t anyone notice?* Even in Anand – one was sung by Manna and another by Mukesh! And they sound SO different. I saw Haathi mere saathi a looong time back and I remember being down in the dumps too..
      Now that you have suggested, I will do my best to collate a list but honestly I think it’s a job for the big players (read madhulika and anu πŸ˜› )
      But I SHALL do it!

  2. I think Kaka didn’t lip sync to “Nafrat Ki Duniya”. Maybe that’s why Laxmi-Pyare used him and not Kishore for the song.

    I’ve read somewhere, that Rafi was always their preferred choice for thier songs, but maybe Kaka’s popularity won and Kishor was roped in for their songs eventually.

    BTW, Neha congrats on your achievement! I read the article and its come up good. No one would have thought of writing an article about Kaka and singers other than Kishore. You did !! That in itself is very unique.

    Another point I was thinking when reading the article was that Mahendra Kapoor never sang a song for Kaka (though I am not too sure of this). Tried racking my brains for a hit song, but couldn’t think of even one !

    Anyways, looking forward to your review of a Kaka-movie. All the best.

    • Thank you so much Shashi, you are very kind! I was actually looking for singers who never playbacked for him and I think Hemant Kumar is another one who was never a choice for Khanna. And I think you are right – he must have insisted on taking Kishore for his songs – he definitely had that kind of clout!
      Keep reading! πŸ™‚

      • @shashi – Kaka did lyp sync that song Nafrat Ki duniya. Anyway I suppose directors/music directors did not let such matters of continuity affect their decisions on play back singers. In Kati Patanf – mukesh sings Jis Gali mein tera gali na ho – and it sounds very very different from the other songs all sung by Kishore.

        @ Neha – Hemant sang Tum Pukar Lo in Khamoshi – not sure if it was sung on screen by Kaka.

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