Hum aaj kahin dil kho baithe…

Exploring the complex nature of a friendship between a man and woman wasn’t the characteristic of many films of the golden era. One such film, however, tread in the territory and did quite well – Andaz – which featured Nargis, Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.

First a little backgrounder to explain what I am talking about – Dilip Kumar befriends Nargis, who is the daughter of a rich businessman and starts visiting her frequently and predictably, falls in love with her. Nargis, meanwhile, is oblivious to Dilip’s feelings but the twist arrives in the form of Raj Kapoor, who, unbeknownst to Dilip, is Nargis’ fiance. The look and feel of the film is very western, very unlike other films of the period. It aims to explore the dynamics of a platonic relationship between men and women.

Moving on, this is the only film  that Raj Kapoor and  Dilip Kumar acted in together.  I suppose they emerged as  actors of very different kind of  personalities – with Kapoor  playing a naive man (Shree  420, Anari) and Kumar playing the role of a lost-in-love kind of man  (Devdas, Madhumati) in films following this one. Maybe  there was also the fact that either man was entirely capable of carrying a film on their own, very capable shoulders.

We also know that Mukesh’s voice was perfectly suited to Kapoor’s and Md. Rafi to Kumar’s, for this film the director decided to switch the playback singers. It was something Kumar had objected to but all’s well that ends well! In fact, Mukesh seemed to have come into his own with this film, especially since many believed he imitated K L Saigal’s voice for a long time. Good for him 🙂

Speaking of imitating styles, for one of the songs, ‘Uthaye ja unke sitam’, Naushad told Lata to imitate Noorjehan. Apparently, he said,   “Achha Latabai Ab Apni Pakistani Behen Ko Yaad Kar
Ke Yeh Gaana Gayiega.

Beautifully said, don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Hum aaj kahin dil kho baithe…

  1. Andaz is a all time classic – apart from the dream star cast, rarely has a romantic triangle been handled with such maturity. We only have to look at Silsila to see even the best casting cannot make up for illiogical script.

    • Actually, I know a lot of people swear by Silsila, but I think despite a similar ground, both films are very different. 🙂 Though I agree that a star cast doesn’t necessarily mean a great film.
      Thanks for your opinion Pritam! Keep reading.

  2. I love that last little bit of trivia! Hadn’t known that – it’s delightful. 🙂
    This is too angst-ridden (in the second half) for it to be a favourite film of mine; I find it too depressing. But I think the performances are great, the music (particularly Uthaaye jaa unke sitam) is good, and the entire feel of the movie is pleasantly undated.

    • You know, there are SO many things we don’t know it makes me sad 😦 Imagine if we could know of every conversation that went around those days between actors, music directors, singers – it would be like a treasure trove of trivia.. sigh.

  3. Hi Neha,
    As promised 🙂 And I am glad I did. I love old hindi songs, and films and Raj Kapoor – not necessarily in that order. As dustedoff said, Andaz was too maudlin for me, and I did want to smack Raj Kapoor – a lot. But the songs, oh the songs! (I find myself saying that a lot!)

    • Hi Anu 🙂 So nice to see you here! Actually I can’t say I care for Raj Kapoor that much; personally I think he over reacted too much in some films. But maybe I am wrong! And yes, the songs, couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

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