Ke dil abhi bharaa nahi..

I love this song –  it’s playful, it’s earnest and so very sweet! And the lyrics are just oh-my-god. I mean check this out:

abhi abhi toh ayi ho, bahaar banke chayi ho, hawa zara mehak to le, ye dil zara behak to le… (Bows to Sahir Ludhianvi)

             Abhi na jao chodkar, ke dil abhi bhara nahi from the film Hum Dono is one of those unforgettable songs that open the door to a different, almost ethereal world when you start listening to it. It’s the mark of a genius, as all the other songs of this film are.

The last black and white film released by Navketan films,  Hum Dono is also special because Dev Anand played a double role in it. There was extra effort put into making the two DAs look alike but yet subtly different – while one had a handlebar mooch and parted hair, the other one has neither. Classic! Here, take a look:

See what I mean? By the way, madhulika, I borrowed this picture from your blog, so thank you! Moving on, even Hum Dono couldn’t escape the fate of being transformed into a colour picture. Turns out they used some 65,000 shades to colour it. What I don’t get is – if you are going to use so many shades, why do the characters end up looking single-shaded and like Indian barbie dolls? Hum Dono Rangeen was released sometime in Feb this year. But wait, there’s more – Dev Anand might be the only black-and-white era star who might get to regale his audience in 3D! That’s right.. the next time you want to see the film, you might be seeing Dev Anand’s uncontrollably bobbing up-and-down head 2 inches away from your face.

 A blog that I found told me that Dev Anand made a lot of effort to get  into the hard-soled shoes of the army officer he plays. It seems that  he became friends with an officer from a British cantt in Pune and  studied his mannerisms – everything from the way he spoke to the  way he carried himself. He even tried on an accent (English-sort of).  Pretty cool, I think.

The blog also mentions another incident, quite heartwarming. His  role(s) as the army officers became unbelievably popular in the  military. When he was visiting an a hospital, he came across a jawan  whose leg had been amputated. But when he saw the actor, the man  said to him proudly, “I still have one leg to walk on,” mimicking Dev Anand’s famous dialogue when he plays Major Verma in the film.

Such stories leave no doubt in one’s mind as to the effect an actor can have on ANYONE’s life, does it? The blog has many other interesting tidbits so I would strongly recommend a read. 🙂

There’s a beautiful hymn in the film called Allah Tero Naam and possibly Lata Mangeshkar’s best song till date. At least I think so. My mother taught me this hymn while I was growing up so it’s quite special 🙂 And it kind of makes me teary-eyed when I hear it.  I read somewhere (and also on Madhulika’s blog) that after Pandit Jasraj heard her singing this bhajan on the radio, he was flabbergasted (yep, word of the day for me).

Anyway, if you have missed the film, at least hear the songs – they are fantastic!! That’s about it for now!

P.S: I have missed writing my blog for more than a month because I was busy having my blood sucked at work 😛 but I am BACK! And I promise to write more regularly!


13 thoughts on “Ke dil abhi bharaa nahi..


  2. So good to have you back, Neha!

    65,000 shades of colour? Not worth the effort, if the end result is anything to go by. And Hum Dono is such a great film anyway, colourising it in this dreadful way just detracts from the beauty of the film itself. 😦

  3. Thanks, Madhulika! You know, I think we have been saying that for every film that has been coloured.. i don’t think there’s even one that looks half as great as it looked in b/w !

  4. Me too.. love the song so much.. sing it on and off.. so mny times.. And obviosuly you knw fr whum.. 😛

    Loved reading as always.. Keep this coming often..

  5. Wow, black and white, love it.
    Great going on exploring the then hindi cinema and thanks for the heads up on 3D.

  6. Hi…lovely blog. Am glad I happened to drop by 🙂 Will certainly spend some more time to read up the previous posts.

    Indeed this is a lovely lovely song and beautifully picturised as well. I also equally love the sad version – which also has some fantastic lyrics…jahan mein aisa kaun hai ki jisko gam mila nahin…

    Thanks for reviving wonderful memories..!

    – Aparna

    • Hi aparna!! Welcome 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog and am glad you liked it! Keep coming back for more and let me know what you think of the other posts too.

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