Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen…

Hume dar hai hum kho na jaye kahin!

Hello and a Very Happy New Year to everyone ! Although I wanted to begin my new post on the 1st of January, a wicked hangover and office on 1st (that’s right) didn’t render it possible for me to do so. But now that I am here, let’s begin. The song is from the movie Madhumati (1958) and what other better way to kick off the New Year than a film filled with oodles of drama, intrigue and melodious numbers?

So I present to you ladies and gentlemen, Madhumati. It was one the earliest films to delve into what would become one of the most popular themes of Indian films – life after death or reincarnation.

It was such a tremendous commercial success of the one-time only pair of director Bimal Roy and writer Ritwik Ghatak that it went on to win 9 Filmfare awards, including Best Movie, Best Director and Best Actress.

It was the first film to have ever won so many – and the next film that won as many (and one more) was Dilwali Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. (That should give you an idea of exactly how successful this film really was).

Now, Shailendra was the lyricist for the songs and for the song ‘Suhana Safar aur ye mausam haseen’, he couldn’t find a line to follow this particular one “Ye Gori Nadiyon Ka Chalna Uchhal Kar”. So the song was kept on hold for quite some time till one day, he happened to chance upon a little girl who was crossing a lane and singing to herself. What followed was the line “Ki Jaise Alhad Chale Pee Se Mil Kar” and the song was complete!

Another slightly-haunting, slightly-romantic song “Aaja re pardesi” was going to be cancelled by Bimal Roy because he felt it wouldn’t quite fit in with the feel of the film. But apparently, singer Lata Mangeshkar threatened that she would never again sing for his films (quite tyrannical I say) and he had to bow out.

Interestingly, the same song was used many years later in the film Guddi (1971). (Very nice watch too) Guddi was made by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, who also edited Madhumati. Jaya Bachchan sings the song during the climax of the film.

I have learnt that Roy was the kind of person who made low-profile films, in that they weren’t masala films, but more socially attuned and talked about more down to earth, closer-to-reality subjects. And according to this blog by Dusted Off, this film was meant to bring in the moolah just so that he could make the films he really wanted to. I would say he hit the bull’s eye!

I also found out that another hot favourite song of mine Dil tadap tadap ke is “inspired” from a Polish folk song called Szla dzieweczka do gajeczka.

Like I said before, Madhumati kickstarted a trend in films based on re-incarnation and till date, we see examples of them. To name one, Karz (1980), which starred Rishi Kumar and Simi Grewal. Of course, Karz itself inspired Karrzzz (think they took it too far with the extra r’s and z’s though, it’s kind of sad).

And more recently came Om Shanti Om (2007), which starred SRK and Deepika Padukone. Apparently, Bimal Roy’s daughter Rinki Bhattacharya even accused Farah Khan of plagiarism and threatened legal action against the producers of the film! Sad bit, that.

But I do have a FRESH piece of gossip: If you have heard the name Dhobi Ghaat, Aamir Khan’s latest venture, check
this out: he has taken exclusive permission from Bimal Roy’s family to use the song Dil tadap tadap ke in the film and this time, the song will feature him! Let’s see what zing Khan can add to the song, eh?

Anyway, the film is a great watch and the songs – very madhu-like!

7 thoughts on “Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen…

  1. That my friend, is a secret I am not willing to share hehehe. Well, I actually read books, scrounge the Net, read other blogs! But it’s all harder than it sounds really. But wth, as long as people keep reading, I don’t mind working hard!

  2. Interesting idea for a blog. One is always interested in the background of things 😉

    Came over from Dustedoff’s after reading your comment there. Have read a couple of your posts (Madubala’s and luuuurve one). When time permits will read the others.

  3. Hey! Thank you for the AWESOME comment! You have the privilege of being the first person I do not know who has commented on my blog 😛 I am highly priviliged because I have read what you write and really liked it 🙂

    Please keep coming back for more!

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