Love ka matlab hai pyaar…

I am on a roll people! (looks around for something wooden to rap her knuckles on)                                                                       Ok, so this song is from a film called Luuuurrve in Shimla. Ok, so it’s not Luuurve.

Love in Shimla (1960) as you can see, starred a gorgeous Sadhna (I always thought she looked so different from other actresses of her time – you will see why soon) and Joy Mukherjee (who I honestly don’t like so much – but the fella was a heartthrob and considered one of the best looking men at the time).

Not unlike today, the film, produced by Sashadhar Mukherjee, was a platform to launch his son, Joy, in the Hindi film world. And launch it did. He went on to become hugely popular.

Sadhna wasn’t exactly a debutante, but this was her first as a lead. The film was a hit and catapulted her right to the top; the jodi, as they say, became a hot favourite too.

And not just that, she met the luuuurve  (ok, I have GOT to stop saying that) of her life at this time too – none other  than the director of the film – R.K Nayyar.

Now, their personal love story is a lot more turbulent and masaledar than the original film itself. Oh, and just in case I forget to tell you, that’s how Sadhna looked when she was 16!!!

Ok, so back to the luuurve story – because she was so young, her folks flatly refused to get the couple married. In fact, they went one step ahead and threatened legal action against poor 22 year old Nayyar, who probably got the shock of his life and so, stepped back. (The story has a happy end, so fret not)

By the way, R.K Nayyar was also Raj Kapoor’s assistant.

Actually, Sadhna’s debut film could have been Dil Deke Dekho, but when Sashadhar Mukherjee was producing it, he gave the director Nasir Hussain a choice between Sadhna and Asha Parek, who was a student at his film school, and a good one, at that.

So Nasir Hussain went with Asha Parekh. But for his next project (this film), when Mukherjee offered the same two women as choices, Nayyar went for Sadhna. (The film really should have been named Love at First Sight).

Anyway, during the filming, the two fell in love. They eventually got married five years later, in 1965.

By the way, I am sure you all have heard of the famous “Sadhna cut”. It in fact, was a makeover of sorts she got. (Cute, me thinks). And guess who she has to thank for it? Nayyar, of course.

People liked it so much that it became her trademark and the phrase stuck. It was inspired from Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyle to cover up Sadhana’s flaw –  her broad forehead. (She does look like her a teensy bit).

And did you know that Dharmendra was keen to play the role of the hero? The director (had to I suppose) chose Joy Mukherjee anyway.

Apart from all THAT trivia, two of Marathi film industry’s most luminous stars also made appearances in this film – Shobhana Samarth and Durga Khote.

(Durga Khote played mum to Dilip Kumar in Mughal-e-azam)

That’s all ! Sorry for all the slang ( I couldn’t help myself for some reason)!

Luuuurve you all!

5 thoughts on “Love ka matlab hai pyaar…

  1. Yes, its true. Dharmendra has said in an interview that he was to have played the hero. But he was rejected because the director felt he was more of a hockey player than a hero.

    He made his debut in the same year with “Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere” (1960).

    10 years later, Dharmendra was in the top league and Joy Mukherjee was kind of struggling…..

    • True, Dharmendra has himself said this. That was because of his physique. Remember, Dara Singh had not yet made his debut so Dharmendra was the only one at that point of time with such a gorgeous physique and handsome looks.

      Not that I am saying Dara Singh’s physique is better…..but….

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