Aaooo Twist karein!

I had posted the YouTube link of this song on my Facebook profile some time back and every time I hear it, there’s nothing that can stop me from tapping my foot to it! The song is from a movie called Bhoot Bungla (1965) and starred Mehmood and Tanuja.

And if you are wondering who the hero was – well, it was Mehmood himself. I know very few films where he was in the lead and this was probably one of those films. And what’s more, he and Tanuja fall in love too. (That, by no means is a piece of trivia, just an observation!)

Unfortunately, this post is going to be a very short one. I tried to dig up as much as I could, and couldn’t find too much but wanted to share whatever little I got, so please excuse me!

This film was Mehmood’s directorial debut. And it starred RD Burman too! (Frankly that’s the best I got)

I did notice something funny – Burman has an uncanny similarity with Subhash Ghai in this picture. Call me wrong, but I thought so!

One of the highlights of the film is this song that I just spoke of.  The music director was Burman himself, so it comes as no surprise that the song has a Westernized tone to it.  Burman was very taken by Western music and was often ‘inspired’ by it.

This song, in particular is ‘inspired’ by ”Come lets twist again” by Chubby Checker.

Listen to it here. Mehmood’s dancing is simply adorable.

Oh, and here’s  another interesting tidbit – remember Ameen Sayani –  the radio  mogul? He has a cameo in the film too! He is the host of the    event in  which the song is sang.

Well, that’s about it. I would have loved to get more info on this film, but couldn’t. Hope to get more interesting posts in my next posts!

These are just meant to be eye-candy 😛

She’s breathless, isn’t she? 🙂

P.S: All the pictures are from memsaabstory.wordpress.com Thank you Greta!

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