Jidhar dekhoon teri tasveer nazar aati hai…

Ok, so the song has nothing to do with what I am going to tell you, but it fits in to the anecdote I am going to write about perfectly!

She ruled every man’s heart once – a lopsided smile that could make you laugh,twinkling eyes that made heartbeats skipMumtaz when they fluttered and a face so innocent and devoid of pretense, it could melt your heart – it could only be Madhubala. (sigh)

Born Mumtaz and named Madhubala later by Devika Rani, she went on to be one of Hindi film’s most loved actresses, and why wouldn’t she have?

Despite any formal training or education, she had the uncanny knack of sensing the audience’s pulse – she knew what they wanted to see, what made them cry and laugh – and she could glide from one to another with an ease befitting a veteran actress.

There is, however, one interesting occasion on which she couldn’t quite get her lines right, no matter how hard she tried.


It was a time when her torrid love affair with Dilip Kumar was at its zenith. She was shooting a scene for the film Mr. & Mrs. 55. In the scene, Lalita Pawar (THE most popular “vamp” of those times) is supposed to show Madhubala a photograph of her husband in a compromising position with another woman, seeing which, the heroine was expected to leave him.

As it turned out, no one on the set had a photo of the kind, so someone borrowed one from Mehboob Khan’s (owner of Mehboob Studios, I presume) office.

No prizes for guessing whose picture it was!

Abrar Alvi, the film’s screenwriter revealed that Madhubala refused to shoot the scene when she saw the picture!

She said she couldn’t concentrate, Alvi explained. And no amount of persuasion helped, she would just not budge! In the end, they had to bow down.

I think that’s rather sweet – not being able to focus because of his photo! Did you know that Madhubala was born on Valentine’s Day? It’s no wonder that love had this much effect on her. I, for one, can’t imagine how dashing Dilip Kumar must have been to make a beauty like her lose her cool!

9 thoughts on “Jidhar dekhoon teri tasveer nazar aati hai…

  1. Hi Neha! As usual you have brought out interesting trivia from God knows where! Keep up the effort. And I am so glad you wrote on Madhubala, she really was a rare gem

    • Hehe gathering the info is all a skill cultivated from Research classes at XIC aastha 😛 😀 😀

      This one particularly is from a book on Madhubala 🙂
      and there’s actually tons to write about her – most of it sad, but there is. and she’s a gem isn’t it? I love her!

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