Apne pe bharosa hai to ek daav laga le…

Tadbeer se bigdi hui taqdeer bana le, apne pe bharosa hai toh ek daav laga le, laga le daav laga le..
Those of you who are scratching your head because you don’t know what tadbeer means, it means ‘plan’. Makes sense? The film is Baazi and was the directorial debut of Guru Dutt.

When Dutt first joined the film industry in 1944, Dev Anand was one of the first few people to befriend the man who would go on to make a mark in the industry with his illustrious creations.  At the time, Dev Anand promised Dutt that he would invite him to direct a movie in his newly formed Navketan Films, and that happened to be Baazi.

For Guru Dutt, it wasn’t just the success of the film that was a high point – his personal life had reached zenith too, for he met the soulful singer and his wife to be, Geeta Dutt – an asset to Hindi films. They met during the recording sessions of the film, and tied the knot  in 1953.

I learnt something else about Guru Dutt way before I started researching this film. Dutt had certain trademark tricks of the trade up his sleeve when he shot his films. One such shot was called the Guru Dutt shot for the obvious reasons – he would take a close up of the subject with a 75mm or 100mm lens for an added effect to the scene – something that Ms Sathya Saran mentions in her book on Dutt. This film had 14 such shots. (I don’t have any right now, but if I find any,  I will definitely put them up here)

Another tidbit I found – Dutt makes an entry at the very beginning of the film – as http://harveypam.wordpress.com/ mentions in his review of the film.

On a final note, it is believed that Baazi is inspired from an English movie called Gilda (1946).

That’s about it!

P.S: Today is the 30th death anniversary of Mohd Rafi. RIP.


4 thoughts on “Apne pe bharosa hai to ek daav laga le…

  1. You are right! Her style is very different and it has a quality of it’s own, very distinct from lata/asha and just as beautiful, if not better 🙂

  2. it’s one of my favourites song.because whenever i listen it , i m become in amazing environment. i m only 19 year old but i love this song.because this song learnt me, how to live life & injoy it.

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