Dil deke dekho (2), dil deke dekho ji…

Dil lene walon, dil dena seekho ji!

One of my favourite couples (although I must confess Asha is not my favourite actress) but the chemistry is oh-so-crackling! Whether it’s a rib-tickling moment, or a oh-i-love-you-so-much scene or a i-hate-you-with-a-fury-of-a-thousand-fireballs look – Shammi and Asha were perfect on-screen, picking vibes off each other to deliver a perfect scene.

And Dil Deke Dekho was the beginning of a long journey together for the two superstars.

This was Shammi’s second film, after he had established his I-am-a-crazy-but-lovable hero image, where he followed the heroine everywhere, pestered her, sung racuously (remember Yahoooo!?), angered her but eventually won her over. Crazy dancing with arms and legs flailing madly in the air, western attire and charm (oodles of it) turned this fella into a hot favourite after Tumsa Nahin Dekha, his earlier film.

For Asha, on the other hand, this was her debut. Fresh, vibrant and very charming. This film was released on her 17th birthday – look at her! 17!

The next hit of the team of  Nasir Hussain (the director), Asha Parekh and Shammi Kapoor produced another box office scorcher Teesri Manzil.

Another tidbit – Shammi had originally preferred Waheeda Rehman for the role but the producer had already signed Asha for the film.

Interestingly, the film had a lot of firsts – also debuting was Premnath’s younger brother – Rajendranath. So was one of India’s first female music directors – Usha Khanna, and of course, the trio of Hussain, Asha and Shammi.

By the way, the film had a lot of ‘seconds’ too. Now, we all know how B’wood films get ‘inspired’ right?

Well, the title song was a direct lift from ‘Sugartime’ by the McGuire Sisters. But wait, it doesn’t stop here! Another two songs were “inspired” – “Pyar ki kasam hai” (from “Since I met you baby”) and “Kaun yeh aaya mehfil mein” (from “Diana”).

To use an already very-very-overused cliche, inspiration is the best form of flattery. (or the complete lack of imagination). Anyway, I am no one to pass judgements, and besides, I LOVE the film. Go watch!

9 thoughts on “Dil deke dekho (2), dil deke dekho ji…

  1. liked ur article. asha parekh was also a great classical dancer.she is the only actress who worked most of nassir’s movies.

  2. Yup…im not a big fan of asha parekh either but yeah some of the best songs are picturised on her…
    btw..great article neha!

  3. I like the background and the selection of the stars and the specific information linked with there movies which are in the category of classics

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