Jekyll & Hyde – Bollywood Ishtyle

So I came across this very interesting film because of this song that I really, really like. It goes like this: ‘Dil ki girah khol do, chup na baitho, koi geet gao’. It is from a film called ‘Raat aur Din’ and possibly the first and the only film (as far as I know) based on the phenomena of split personality disorder.

And none other than the talented Nargis played the “double” role. This picture on the left is that of a dutiful wifey called Baruna.

By day, she was the demure wife and by night, she transforms into the wild Peggy (below) who partaaays all night long. Or something like that.

And the picture on the right is that of Peggy, her other character who is a stylish, chic fun-loving lady. It is this character that sings the song I just mentioned, too. Notice how different the two look?

This film was Nargis’ last because she evidently wanted to settle down after her quite-a-stint in B’wood. Oh, and guess what? She was pregnant with Sanju baba during the shoot of this film too.

I also got another mazedaar and masaledaar trivia from one DustedOff.wordpress, who mentions that the film seems to take inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Marnie (1962) that also follows the same line – a schizophrenic girl who is Marnie by the day and Peggy (yep, same name) by night.

Lovely Nargis received the National Film Award for the Best Actress – the first actress to win this particular award. She also bagged a Filmfare nomination for the Best Actress for this film.

Another awesome blogger Memsaab, at mentioned that she rather resembles Elizabeth Taylor, and you know something? It’s true! She does, she does!

See that pic? Doesn’t she? A little heavier eye makeup and there you go! An excellent eye, I must say…

Anyhoo.. that’s it for now, be back later! Enjoy..

6 thoughts on “Jekyll & Hyde – Bollywood Ishtyle

  1. arre that is fundoo man…great post…
    i think i shud try and find this movie ka dvd…seems an interesting watch..

  2. woohooo new post.. and what a post.. very interesting and enjoyable read… i love the way u write here… looking forward to more!!!

    • many more to come up!! Call me ballistic, but i never realised how much I love to do this! And love it even more when people read it. šŸ™‚
      Thanks bishnu šŸ˜€

  3. Nice post Neha! Well researched. I love this song too but never bothered to look up the history behind it. Good work!

  4. Hi aastha! Nice to see you back after so long!
    I have no clue if you had been reading but I wrote quite a bit since college, and still loving it!

    By the way, if you have a list of old songs, send them to me so i can continue my research (oh god, how i ABHOR that word) hehe. Keep reading!

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