The Evergreen hero…and his heroine

Yep, you guessed it right -Dev Anand and his lesser known heroine, Kalpana Kartik. The film’s name is Nau Do Gyarah and it was made in 1957.

The film was directed by Dev Anand’s younger brother Vijay Anand, and what’s more – it was his directorial debut. And a super hit at that. (Dev Anand’s brother, of course – the genius runs in the family hehe)

You WOULD be surprised to know that not only was this film a remake of an English film, but two more Hindi blockbusters also followed suit.

The English film was called It Happened One Night, made in 1934 – A Frank Capra classic. The other two films that were remade are Chori Chori (1956) that starred Nargis and Raj Kapoor, and Dil hai ki manta nahi (1996), starring Amir Khan and Pooja Bhatt. Surprised? 🙂

It Happened One Night is the story of a rich girl who contracts a marriage with a playboy against her father’s wish. She runs away from her father but meets a journalist  on the way, who agrees to help her escape but asks for the exclusive right over her story. Sounds familiar?

Now some trivia about the film itself. During the shoot of the film, the crew drove down from Delhi to Mumbai. On the way, they made a stop at a place called Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, which was said to be replete with dacoits. So the crew was asked to be cautious and lock their doors properly at night.

What do you think happened next? In the middle of the night, suddenly, someone started banging Dev Anand’s door! And the banging was so persistent, Dev Saab had to open the door, and who should he find standing in front of himself, but a daku!

This is my favourite part: The much feared daku only wanted a teensy weensy autograph from his favourite film star. WOW.

Oh yes, the lady you see on the left? She is Kalpana Karthik, the co-star AND Dev Anand’s wifey! Yep, in fact, the two had been married for 3 years when this film was being shot. They say the two crackled on the screen too 🙂

And now, the last and by far the best piece of trivia: the choreographer of this film is none other than the grandmotherly (now) Zohra Sehgal. No? Don’t know who?

Remember this lady ——> She was the grandmother in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and the fiesty mom (Amitabh’s) in Cheeni Kum. Yep!!! Cool, innit!? Got to say, though, surprised as I was, I can totally imagine her choreographing the film. Such a vivacious spirit!

Will come back with more later! Toodles!

24 thoughts on “The Evergreen hero…and his heroine

  1. Mr. Sohoni was right in suggesting to me that the film does have shades of “Roman Holiday”, such as the girl escaping her palace, meeting a reporter in search of a juicy story and falling in love with him. According to Chinmay Sohoni, there are minute differences though – she doesn’t run away from home to marry someone she is already in love with. And a couple of other teeny tiny differences.

    Suggestions noted and appreciated a lot! Thank you!

  2. Hey

    Amazing you have provided amazing tidbits. And what superb songs this film had…. Hum hai rahi pyar ke, Kya ho phir jo din etc…. The latter being the song where Geeta Dutt and Asha battle it out….

    Also about Zohra Segal, another reference point is the little jig she does in Jiya jale jaan jale… in Dil Se… What grace…. sigh… Reading this bit in the morning today made my day Neha…. Thanks… 🙂 🙂

    • sarvooooo thanks 😀
      how did you know about me blog though? I never sent you the link :O or did i?
      doesn’t matter, i am just glad you like it! thankya!

      • Good old shyaam, again. But really nice work . NIce to see a non- psuedo intellectual blog , ;-). And hey congrats!!!!!!!

  3. Another piece of info.. sehra sehgal’s daughter, grand daughter and great grand daughter(not too sure abt the third) are all actors.. there was an article in one of the TOI crest editions two months ago

    • Wow. Thanks bishnu, man, i think i will subscribe to Crest afterall.
      I wonder who her daughters/granddaughters are though..are they Indian actors?

  4. hey neha,well i did’nt know Zohara Sehgal was also a choreographer.but she is more famous for her excellent acting skills.she is a theater actor and associated with prithvi theater.(owned by Raj kapoor’s father which is now run by sanjana kapoor who is shashi kapoor’s daughter). keep up the good work.

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  6. Chanced upon your blog this week (from the time I’ve been rummaging through the net to read anything and everything about Shammi Kapoor). Love the articles (considering the fact that I too love old Bollywood). Thanks for this wonderful fare. Just an addition; another movie ont he lines of ‘It Happened One Night’ is Basant starring Shammi & Nutan… Expect many more comments from me on your posts!

    • Hi Aditya! Thank you for stumbling across my blog 🙂 Am glad you liked the posts! And yes, Basant – I have been meaning to write about that film too but all in good time. So you are an old movie buff too? Does that mean you have visited Memsaab’s blog too? 🙂

  7. Zohra sehgal was a famous ballet dancer in the 1930’s,she went against her muslim family’s wishes and learnt dancing.

    She teamed with Uday shanker,( the famous classical & ballet dancer of those times,incidently he was ravi shankar’s elder brother) to form a dancing school at Almora,kumaon.

    Its here they would impart dancing lessons to the students who came from all over the India.They had two famous students apart from others.One is the fav in this blog Guru Dutt & other is Sardar mallik(father of Annu Malik).

    She later went on to do Theatre & she was the choreographer this Dev anand film and then moved to Uk,only in the 1990’s she came back to India..

  8. Have your read Dev Anand’s autobio.., “Romancing wiht Lifë”? She was living some distance away from where Dev and Chetan Anand were living!

    • Hi Dipak! No, I have been wanting to for a long time my mom just bought it so i’ll ask her to send it to me soon 😀 or maybe i’ll get my own copy! I’ve heard it’s excellent!

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