Mehmood and his nose…

The King of Comedy – Mehmood. I have heard that people have silly superstitions but this one tops the list. One day on sets, Guru Dutt decided to have some fun with Mehmood and accordingly gave instructions to one of his assistants, Shyam.

So Shyaam walks up nonchalantly and touches Mehmood’s nose. Yep. His nose. And that’s not the funny part. As onlookers watch, Mehmood yelled and started after Shyam.  He took off and chased him all over the sets but suddenly Shyaam was nowhere to be seen.

Mehmood was extremely superstitious about someone touching his nose, he thought it brought bad luck. And yes, the only way the ill effects could be warded off? He had to touch that person’s nose. 😀

Apparently, he was so distressed when he couldn’t find Shyaam that he went and complained to Guru Dutt, who asked Shyam to show himself. And when Mehmood saw him, the chase resumed. The matter came to a rest only when Shyam finally stopped and let a distraught Mehmood touch his nose. I had heard about getting in someone’s hair but they should invent a new expression just for this incident. “To touch someone’s nose”. 😛

Credits: Ms Saran!

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