A little more on Johnny Bhai…

Johnny Walker began by copying Noor Mohammad (Hindi comedian Charlie who in turn was inspired by Charlie Chaplin).

Johnny was a bus conductor in Indore but always dreamt of making it big in the film industry. He sold fruits on a bicycle between Nashik and Deolali. He was a natural entertainer, always ready with mimicry and witty jokes.

And so, he finally landed as an extra in films. It was Balraj Sahni (Waqt) who introduced him to Dutt who liked him immediately, and there was laid the foundation of an everlasting friendship. So much so, Guru Dutt made sure Johnny Walker was there in every film of his. Except for Sahib, Bibi aur Ghulam (that’s a different story all together).

Apart from being one the most talented comedians ever, he was also one of the most lovable. He was someone who had no enemies and no one who thought ill of him. His only rivalry was professional, with Mehmood, but even that was taken in good stead.

One the sets one day, a man came asking for Johnny Walker. It was the driver of the bus Johnny was a conductor of. Johnny welcomed him happily and without any airs, embraced him. Such was the humility of Johnny Walker.

Credit: Sathya Saran

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