Mera naam chin chin chu..and a romance

The can’t-stop-looking-exotically-beautiful, the queen of cabaret, the one and only <drumroll> Helen! When I, as a kid, saw Helen in songs like “Piya Tu..”, I wondered how someone could carry off an attire of sheer leggings and huge feathers as a cabaret attire. And I realized after awhile, only Helen could, and with panache!

Born to a burmese mom and Anglo Indian dad, Helen’s entry in the film industry was as one of those background dancers you see in films. (who by some miracle seemed to synchronize their movements exactly with those of the hero and the heroin!) But soon she graduated to the forefront as the numero uno item number of those days.

And I am guessing that you know her first “single hit”. Yep, the chirpy number – Mera naam chin chin chu.. Dressed in a charming kimono and irresistable charm, Helen won everyone’s hearts. And there was no stopping her after that.

But there came a time when even the leading ladies turned to vamp and cabaret dancer roles. This would inevitably mean a loss for Helen. However, (pardon the cliche) Salim Khan was her knight in shining armour, or with the shiny writer’s pen (sorry, bad joke – he was a script writer) who helped her bag roles in movies that he was a co-script writer in. Ms Chin Chin Chu went on to win a Filmfare award for a film “Lahu Ke Do Rang”.

But wait, it doesn’t end here! She got married to Salim Khan as his second wifey. Yep.  That my friends, is true lou.

And for those of you who do not already know, she is Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz’s step mom. Ladies and Gentlemen, the gorgeous Helen Richardson Khan.

10 thoughts on “Mera naam chin chin chu..and a romance

  1. hey its well written . and i really like the way you have put pics of each section and made it feel good to read and go into that moment .
    good work , keep it up . god speed

  2. Loved this article on one of my fav personality on Indian screen. I wish you could have mensioned well known “Yeh Mera DIl Pyar Ka Diwana ” from Bachchan’s DON and “Mungada Mungda” from Inkar that associated with Helen forever.

    What I liked about Helen is, having a beautiful face and body, she had a dignity. It was pure sensual experience without the slightest touch of bad taste. She was rulling the Industry as a dancer for more than 3 decades and it was not easy when there were so many great dancers around like Vaijanti Mala and Hema Malini.

    Nice article. I am feeling nostalgic 🙂

    • Thank you so much for readin sir!
      Actually the reason i didn’t mention all those songs is because i am writing only about black and white films and not colour 🙂 But point taken and yes, Helen is my favourite too, she’s probably one of the most dignified cabaret dancers ever! Do keep reading!

  3. dearet helen , im ahmed from moroco. i was little bit younger when i saw you for the first time in the moovie. i think i watched plenty of your scènes and scenery. i was excietd and you were especialy fantastic. all of us were dreamin and captiving by your songs and dance. today im 60 years old, im a writer(frensh language) and still watching you. my best wish is to visit india as soon as poossible first to translate my work into indian language, and to see the great people taht god has ever create. i hope you long life and much hapiness. thank you for helen! haye mere paad tho aa!!!!

  4. i have to say that the way you came and the very hard time you crossed along, were after the personnality you have got now. wemen like you shoud be ever and ever respected. great woman. im proud of you, and glad to mention your name in my book.

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